Field Trip T2 – Bonifacio Strait

Pre-Congress Field Trip

28-29 August 2020

The Bonifacio Strait: modern and ancient tidal dynamics

Jean-Yves Reynaud (University of Lille Nord de France)
Michelle Ferrandini (Université de Corse Pascal Paoli, France)


During the Miocene, the strait between Corsica and Sardinia was submerged and swept by strong currents that caused very large dunes of clastic carbonates dominated by coralline algae and bryozoans to accumulate, possibly over hundreds of meters in the present-day submarine part of the strait. The cliffs on the Corsican side offer fantastic exposures of the related cross-bedded deposits, and of the underlying transgressive units. In the additional light of seismic data collected offshore, the purpose of this trip is to discuss the facies and architectural elements advocating for a tidal origin of this spectacular deposit.


Information on the logistics will be announced soon.

Number of participants

min 12 – max 25


400 Euros (inclusive of transport, accommodation, meals, material and flight transfer to Bari the 30 of August)