Field Trip T3 – Southern Apennine

Pre-Congress Field Trip

29-30 August 2020

The sedimentary response of mixed (terrigenous-bioclastic) shallow-marine systems to tides and waves in the Quaternary of southern Italy

Marcello Tropeano (University of Bari, Italy)
Domenico Chiarella (Royal Holloway University of London, UK)
Sergio G. Longhitano (University of Basilicata, Italy)
Luisa Sabato (University of Bari, Italy)
Luigi Spalluto (University of Bari, Italy)


The Plio-Pleistocene successions exposed along the opposite edges of the southern Apennines foredeep basin record marginal-marine settings where waves and weak tidal currents interplayed with different degrees. Along the chain-edge of the basin, these conditions were governed by local geomorphological elements, such as coastal sheltering, promontories, presence of tectonic highs and local inlets.

Mixed, terrigenous-bioclastic deposits accumulated in a variety of shallow-marine environments, reproducing scales of mixing between the antithetic clastic components and a wide spectrum of degrees of segregation. These elements are used to reconstruct the interplay between the primary hydrodynamic controls in such settings and indicate how sensitive shallow-water mixed systems are in recording environmental conditions impacting on the sedimentation. Along the foreland-edge of the basin, wave dominated mixed carbonate system (terrigenous-bioclastic) developed along rocky gentle slopes of a tectonic high, leading to seismic-scale back-stepping clinoforms. The main goals of this field trip are: (i) to familiarize with the basic elements observable in mixed sediments and referable to wave- vs. tide-influenced structures; (ii) to detect large-scale (seismic- to sub-seismic) features of infralittoral prograding wedges.


The trip will start from and return to Matera during both the days of excursion. All the places are located 1-2 h driving, in easily accessible places with no relevant difficulty.

Number of participants

min 15 – max 30


180 Euros (inclusive of: transport, material, 2 packed lunches and 1 dinner; the two days of field trip will be based on Matera; accommodation is in charge of each participant)