Field Trip T4 – Venice Lagoon

Post-Congress Field Trip

September 3-5, 2020

Morphodynamics and sedimentary processes in salt marshes and tidal channels of the Venice Lagoon (Italy)

Massimiliano Ghinassi (University of Padova, Italy)
Andrea D’Alpaos (University of Padova, Italy)
Alvise Finotello (University of Padova, Italy)
Sonia Silvestri (University of Bologna, Italy)
Giorgio Fontolan (University of Trieste, Italy)


The Venice Lagoon is a unique laboratory to investigate the accumulation of salt-marsh and tidal-channel deposits in microtidal environments under changing hydrodynamic forcings and variable rates of subsidence and sediment supply.

This trip will allow participants to explore the most naturally preserved areas of the northern lagoon, where subsidence (c.a. 2.0 mm/yr) is typically balanced by clastic sedimentation. Different saltmarshes and tidal flats will be visited to observe surface morphologies, distribution of halophytic vegetation and variability of sediment grain size. Active and abandoned tidal channels, variable in width between 5 and 100 m, will be also observed, aiming at discussing their origin and morphodynamic evolution. During the trip, sediment-peels of cores, previously recovered from these different depositional sub-environments, will be also shown, and their characteristics discussed in terms of sedimentary processes and dynamics.


A bus will pick up the participants at few sites located between Padova and Venice Airport. During the trip, we will move by boat throughout (within?) the lagoon. At the end of the fieldtrip, a bus will deliver participants at the Venice Airport and Padova railway station.

During the fieldtrip, short walks are planned in muddy areas, where rubber boots are required. September in Venice is warm, although windy days or brief showers can occur. Sun screen and a hat are recommended along with a rain jacket. Minor changes to the order of stops could be made following requirements dictated by tide or weather conditions.

Number of participants

min 10 – max 20


470 Euros (inclusive of transport, accommodation, meals and material)