Field Trip T5 – Siderno Basin

Post-Congress Field Trip

3-5 September 2020

From marginal to axial tidal-strait facies in the lower Pleistocene Siderno Strait

Valentina M. Rossi (IGG-CNR, Italy)
Sergio G. Longhitano (University of Basilicata, Italy)
Domenico Chiarella (Royal Holloway University, London, UK)
Donatella Mellere (DNO E&P, Stavanger Norway)


The Quaternary Siderno Basin preserves spectacular outcrops recording the marine connection between the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian seas during the Early Pleistocene. This oceanographic linkage led to the onset of a powerful tide-dominated circulation of bi-directional flood and ebb currents, which promoted the deposition of kms-long tidal sand ridges in the axial part of the strait, as well as deflected tide-dominated delta-front deposits near the margins.

The field trip aims at discovering the variety of facies, seismic and sub-seismic architectures typical of sand-rich tide-dominated strait succession accumulated during a complete cycle of relative sea-level change. Outcrops also show how sediments deposited in a tectonically-active setting form unexpected geometries.


The trip will start from Matera and will end in Lamezia Terme. Participants are advised to plan their return flight from that airport, which provides domestic and international connections to some major European airports.

Number of participants

min 12 – max 25


350 Euros (inclusive of transport, accommodation, meals and material)